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What Brought You Here?

Whether you’re looking for an experienced speaker for your event, in-house training for your marketing department or looking to learn about evidence-based marketing, take a moment to browse my site.

I’m passionate about raising the standard of marketing globally. In our digital world, there is no excuse for wasted marketing spend and communication that does not have an impact. It’s my mission to study, test and share best practice.  I’ve collated here some of my thoughts and significant findings so far. My hope is that you find them interesting, thought-provoking, but most of all, useful.


At my Digital Marketing Agency, Fountain, we are aiming to do something remarkable.  We are working on creating a methodology that will all but eliminate risk in digital marketing.

This journey is being documented in a book I’m currently writing, entitled:

Proof: taking the risk out of marketing.


I bring my knowledge of effective marketing into the world of public speaking to deliver presentations that are remembered for all the right reasons.

As a trainer, ex-politican and long serving member of Norwich Speakers Club, I’m continuously improving  my public speaking skills to ensure my audiences are thoroughly entertained.

Training Videos

Want to improve your Digital Marketing today?

Then check out the videos of me in action, delivering training.

They are here for you to watch, entirely for free.  I hope they help you grow your business.  All I ask in return is, if you do enjoy them, please share them on social media.

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