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The 5 Stupidest things Marketing ‘Professionals’ Say

Ok, as the ‘click-baity’ title suggests, this is a rant. But it’s an educational one.  I hope you find it useful.

Having studied and worked in the world of marketing for over a decade now, it’s amazing how I hear the same illogical statements time and time again.

I’ve written down the top 5 that ‘really grind my gears’.

All of them stem from not knowing (or understanding) the core principles of effective marketing.

Let’s get cracking.  Do you know someone who has ever said the following?


1.     “I don’t like that copy, it would not work on me!”

This statement is only valid if you are part of the target audience for whom the copy is intented. Otherwise, no one cares.  I don’t buy the Sun or the Daily Mail.  I happen to despise these newspapers and the way they market themselves.  However, they are the top two selling papers in the country.  If it’s my job to write copy for a Sun reader, it probably won’t be the sort of thing that works on me.  That’s fine.  All that matters is that it gets the results from the target audience for which it is intended.


2.     “At least the campaign got brand awareness”

This is often used when a marketing campaign has not generated a clear return on investment.  It’s a weak suggestion that because ads were running people may remember them and buy in the future.  Unless you can track it and prove what ‘brand awareness’ has done to the bottom line, don’t try to sell it as a benefit.


3.     “We can’t track it, so we don’t know how well the campaign has performed”

In digital marketing this is nonsense, everything can be tracked now – so there’s no excuse for not working out return on investment.

With offline marketing, there’s nearly always something you can do to track your marketing efforts and measure the results.


4.     “This PPC campaign does not work”

I’m amazed when I hear this because an explanation rarely follows it.  Some people use the phrase ‘it does not work’ to be an explanation in itself.  I hear things like, ‘AdWords does not work’, or ‘I tried LinkedIn ads, they don’t work’.

The question is, ‘why?’

Is the conversion rate of your landing page too low?  In which case you should say, ‘I need to do some conversion rate optimisation before I run PPC ads’.

Is the cost-per-click of an ad too high?  In which case you need to bid less.

With digital marketing you can always find ways to improve conversion rate and reduce the cost of traffic.  The chances are you have at least one competitor who is getting it to work.  So the statement ‘it does not work’ is simply false.


5.     “That copy is too long, I prefer short copy”

Long copy has been proven to beat short copy time and time again.  I’m happy to split test it if you like, but the odds are in my favour.


Final thoughts

In short, people spend too much time in marketing giving their opinions on what they think will work, when their job should be to test, measure and discover at actually works.

In short, keep your mouth shut, and get testing!

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